Doogee Y100 Plus Adopts Three Different Materials in Housing Cover

Since the DOOGEE Y100 Pro adopted the lightest metal as its housing cover, DOOGEE has been trying to make another breakthrough on DOOGEE Y100 Plus. And Absolutely DOOGEE did it! Another micro-innovative craftsmanship is applied to it on the housing cover.

As the succession version of DOOGEE Y100 Pro, the space grey DOOGEE Y100 Plus has still adopted the Polycarbonateas the material of the housing cover. An accurate proportional mixture of nanoscale aluminum alloy powder and the world's leading Japanese Musashi paint is used in the coating to ensure the smartphone’s lightness and elegance.

Except for that, two more special materials are used in the housing covers of DOOGEE Y100 Plus. Like One Plus 2, DOOGEE Y100 Plus has a sandstone black version. This feels like a very fine sandpaper, which is ordinary while extraordinary. Every grip and friction grants you a sense of security.

Last but not least, there is a water-ink white version for DOOGEE Y100 Plus. Endowed with multiple sophisticated craftsmanship, it gives users extremely excellent experience. Holding it with your hand, you can feel that the housing cover is as smooth as water. The rubber paint it adopts makes the touch so fantastic that you will not even let it leave your hand. You’ll also be surprised to find that the housing cover of water-ink white DOOGEE Y100 Plus can resist abrasion at any level. What’s more, oil, fingerprint or else is not easy to attach to the housing cover.

How can this water-ink white housing cover provide such wonderful experience? Just like traditional phones, the housing cover of the phone adopts eco-friendly polycarbonate as the base, thickened white paint was sprayed and baked. Then, spraying charcoal gray paint, which is 50% thicker than common paint. And it turns to another baking process, about 35 minutes is needed as it will make the paint completely dry.After that, spraying it with high-wear resistant elastic polymer latex UV and drying it. As multiple the craftsmanship it is, the cost is also added, about twice more than normal ones, including the high-quality paint, baking and so on.

As we always say, DOOGEE never compromises. To provide such excellent user experience, DOOGEE has devoted much craftsmanship to it. We are trying to make the best products, with all the passions and all we have, and make another innovative breakthrough in the industry.


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