Doogee F3 Pro V.S. iPhone 6: Doogee F3 Pro Wins!

Nowadays, the camera function has become a significant feature when choosing a smartphone. Equipped with a 13 MP rear camera and a 5 MP front camera, DOOGEE gets to impress you when taking photos. Let’s see how it functions compared to iPhone 6.

On color contrast, the photo taken by F3 Pro apparently looks more colorful and bright, while iPhone 6 can present more color details of the image.

On Macro contrast, iPhone 6 can capture more detail and richer layers of the object, while F3 Pro has got larger aperture and better background blur. It is not difficult to find that the image taken by F3 is slightly brighter.

With strikingly light contrast, iPhone 6’s shot is better with more highlighted details. However, F3 Pro’s performance is also impressive with good quality.

Under low light condition, the comparison between this two camera is not apparent. The F3 Pro’s shot looks more bright and has more shadowed details in the overall. Meanwhile, iPhone 6 relatively controls the photo noise in the shadow. As for viewing angle range, F3 Pro gets a broader vision.

On the comparison of vision details, F3 Pro outperforms iPhone 6, bringing out the advantage of 13 MP camera. F3 Pro’s shot looks brighter and fresher, while iPhone6's shot looks as if it is covered with of ash. Having a smaller aperture, iPhone 6 can control the lens distortion better. Comparing the details in the red areas, the performance of F3 Pro is more prominent. The quality and color are better.

To sum up, the shooting performance of the DOOGEE F3 Pro is so impressive, reflecting that DOOGEE has devoted a lot when designing and creating this device.


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