Jackleo release a 5.0 inch large screen new samrtphone - Golden Eye JL512

First of all, let's understand JACKLEO Golden eye JL512 appearance design, very has the characteristic of fashion, have qualitative feeling between the mobile phone is an very steel, ultra-thin back cover, the whole mobile phone design meticulously.Feel very good.Very high-end atmosphere.The JACKLEO Golden eye JL552 phone has six colors, respectively is white, brown, yellow, green, pink and black.The phone main color class, compared with younger users.

JACKLEO Golden eye JL512 have 5.0 inch large screen ,a resolution of 540x960 pixels, the screen display effect is very good. Quality is exquisite, colour is gorgeous and visual Angle, etc. Now as smartphones main screens, we can see all kinds of mainstream mobile phone screen in more than 4 inches, 5 inches or more screen is the most popular.It at the same time give us on the video game entertainment provides better effects.JACKLEO Golden eye JL512 is Android 4.4 system at the same time, the fuselage memory for 1 GB and 8 GB expanded memory, to be able to meet the different needs of customers.In addition, the JACKLEO Golden eye JL512 also has double card double stay function.

The performance of JACKLEO Golden eye JL512 is also very good, its chip USES is MT6582 quad core 1.3 Ghz processor.In the aspect of operation and software compatible can meet the needs of our normal. But for the pursuit of high configuration, but the mobile phone market pricing is very reasonable, cost-effective.Support for multiple languages at the same time, makes up the defect of the language barrier.

Looking from the config specs, enhance the main focus on details and functionality. JACKLEO Golden eye JL512front-facing camera is 200 w pixels, the rear camera for 800 w pixels.At the same time combined with dual led flash.The lens appears more fully bright, give you a different experience.

JACKLEO Golden eye JL512 mobile phone speaker setup at the bottom of the back, it has a stereo sound effect, give you different sense of seeing and hearing.

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