Ulefone Paris to Highlight a Philosophy of 'Extreme Balance'

Ulefone Paris, the 5-inch device, has been put on the Ulefone official site with the slogan of “Extreme Balance”, which indicates that the company has developed a philosophy about phone making.

Ulefone believes the size of 5-inch best balances between the eyes, which favor a big display, and the hands, which favor small for comfortable handle. To spread their philosophy, the company even made a video where Ulefone Paris was placed at the balance point of a scale among bigger and smaller phones. Indeed, 5-inch phones will be easier to handle than 5.5 or bigger ones and still represent a big market where users weigh one-hand operability over visual joy.

Ulefone also used the balance philosophy to explain why the Paris packs middle-class components like 720P display, MTK6753 chipset, and 2GB RAM instead of high-rank ones. According to them, the MTK6753 have eight A53 processing cores to reach a combined capacity of only 1.3Ghz thus it can work at ease and work longer. 

That might have been a marketing trick, but a phone of middle-class specs are truly a easier job for the Ulefone designing and engineering teams to do well. We know that high-resolution display requires stronger chipsets and bigger RAM, and they together call for a larger battery which may lead to a thick body; if a phone maker don’t want to make a thick phone, he has to squeeze some space inside, but that may cause overheating and other problems.

 The return to medium specs somewhat gives us hope that Ulefone might have finally given priority to user experiences so as to make a handy phone within their ability. Ulefone says since early August, all their employees have been asked to take Ulefone Paris for daily use and give feedback to the engineering department. And it’s a good news that the company has given up the Sony camera sensor, which is very hard to adjust, even for Sony itself.

About the touch buttons under the display, Ulefone consider them as a balance between convention and innovation. They look indeed different from conventional keys but function just the same. Anyway,  a change in habits will be very torturing to users, and it’s good that Ulefone didn’t do that.

Besides the stock launcher on Android 5.1, Ulefone Paris will have an optional one preinstalled, which is said to be more friendly to users.

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