Top 8 Magic Benefits of OUKITEL U6 4G LTE Two Touch Screens Smartphone

Dual screen smartphone OUKITEL U6 already started its presale, but what are the advantages that would benefit users? There are 8 reasons you can count on this two touch displays mobile phone.

First, Owning an OUKITEL U6, you are holding a smart phone and a Kindle. The OUKITEL U6 features a 5’ HD display for daily communication and business and a 4.7” QHD E-ink display for reading.

Second, E-ink display, enjoy reading freely under the sun.  Comparing to LCD screens, E-ink screen has no light at all, thus reducing glare and allowing you to read on the back screen in daylight without difficulty.

Third, Saving much power.  E-ink screen only consumes power when you turn pages, greatly extending the battery life of OUKITEL U6 and saving much power for front screen. If you only use the back screen for reading, it may lasts up to 120 hours.

Forth, Protecting your eyes. The 4.7” E-ink screen is 16 grey level adjustment and 235 PPI pixel density, offering a paper-like effect. The lack of backlight reduces glare and protect your eyes.

Fifth, I’m not just a Reader. Though the E-ink screen is a big feature of OUKITEL U6, the phone itself also offers much convenience for users. Carrying MT6735M quad-core chipset and with Android 5.1 Lollipop, U6 offers both 3G and 4G network with dual SIM card.

Sixth, Smart remote. Pack up your remote controllers and use your phone instead. U6 offers remote control for TV, Settop Box, DVD player, Air conditioner, and other equipments.

Seventh, Show off your personality. You can set any photo to be the back cover of your U6 like a picture of yourself, friends, family, travelling, a sentence you love, or even your own signature. Make your phone unique than any others!

Eighth, Continuous updating. OUKITEL U6 offers OTA updates function, users can update to the latest software version for free through WiFi.


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