Oukitel U6, Your Reading Artifact

Do you love reading? Do you want to read books in a more convenient and efficient way? Then you should get an OUKITEL U6. Take an OUKITEL U6, you are taking a mobile library with millions of books from global top 10 online libraries.

Get an OUKITEL U6, you are getting an Amazon Kindle plus an iPhone in hand. Amazon Kindle is designed with an E-ink screen, offering wonderful reading experience and through wireless network, you can buy, download and reading online books, newspapers, magazines, blogs and other online media information. But when smartphone becomes a must in your life, will you take a Kindle anytime with you? So many people are using smartphones to read and get information. However, it costs much power when you read with smartphones. You will feel uneasy if without a power bank prepared. Now with Oukitel U6, you are getting a smartphone with a combination of Kindle and iPhone.

You can enjoy the wonderful reading experience with an E-ink display at the back, getting access to millions of books from global top 10 online libraries and can buy whatever books you are interested from Amazon online shop. What’s more, it only consumes power when you turning page, saving much power for your smartphone. Also when you are reading, you won’t miss any message from your smartphone.From U6, you can also set the background to black or white fit the light condition to enjoy more comfortable reading both in sunlight condition and dark condition.

Speaking of dual screen smartphones, you may think of YotaPhone 2. YotaPhone is the first smartphone that realized dual screen smartphone, but with high price, not everyone can afford it. Though the price of OUKITEL U6 is not confirmed, but according to some sources, the price won’t be over $300.

U6 already succeed in making synchronous update for novel reading, E-note and E-music. According to reliable source, OUKITEL will make more APPs to Synchronous Update for the two screens, such as news, message, phone calls, and more.

This model is hopefully on sale in September. 


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