Jackleo releases a new business smartphone - Roomy JL570

There are three colour for JACKLEO Roomy JL570, I got a white one. When opening the packaging and holding this mobile phone, it is a feeling of concise and elegant from JL570 which reflects the design ideas and brand definition of JACKLEO. The back cover of JACKLEO Roomy JL570 adopts environmental ABS material, coupled with micromesh dull polish, giving a kind of comfortable feeling. JACKLEO Roomy JL570 adopts 5.5’’ HD display. Back cover curved design, providing good feeling for single-hand holding. The OS is Android 4.4.2, memory is 1GB RAM memory and 8GB ROM memory(supporting maximum external memory 64GM ). I think this memory can already meet our daily need, if you think 8GB is not enough for you, you can extend the memory to 16GB or more by yourself. The chip of JACKLEO Roomy JL570 is quad-core 1.3 GHz MTK6582 which can meets our normal meet of operation and software compatibility. But for the fans of APPLE and MEIZU, who pursuit high configuration, this configuration cannot satisfy them. However, JACKLEO Roomy JL570 is in reasonable price and high cost performance. It supports multiple national languages thus can be used by different people.

JACKLEO Roomy JL570 is equipped with 2MP front camera and 8MP Back camera, pixels not very high, but combined with a dual LED flash light,you will have a different experience. On the left of front camera is a strip wire netting receiver. On JACKLEO Roomy JL570 receiver’s left is a sensor, which can be used to switch to main interface, musics and photos via gestures. JACKLEO Roomy JL570 loudspeaker is designed at the bottom of the back, and there are more than 200 tiny holes which greatly promotes your listening experience.

The frame of JACKLEO Roomy JL570 is made of metal material with silver bright plating, coupled with white back cover, showing its elegance and dignity. At the bottom of right hand side is microphone,and there is a small groove on the broadside for conveniently remove the back cover(exactly, this is a detachable smart phone).

After opening the back cover of JACKLEO Roomy JL570, you can see 2 GSM card slots and extension T card slot. JACKLEO Roomy JL570 is equipped with a 2100mAh battery which can already meet the needs of our daily use.

JACKLEO Roomy JL570 is also equipped with wake up function, for example, “O” for camera, “W” for dialing. You can set up the corresponding function by yourself. Through this thoughtful design feature, we can quickly entry the interface of JACKLEO Roomy JL570 as we want, shortening the tedious processes of pressing power button, unlocking and then entry the interface.

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