Elephone’s crowd funding event has the aim of an $89.99 smartphone

Elephone have just dropped another smartphone sales promotion on the Chinese tech world where fans reserving and sharing their reservation contribute towards a final lower price tag.

Anyone with a basic knowledge of business knows that the more you order the bigger the savings can be. The same is true for the smartphone market where the cost of producing only 100 phones would be much greater than producing 100,000 (based on a per unit cost). Normally, though the end-user wouldn’t see that saving, but these are not normal times.

Elephone’s latest scheme is to have customers reserve the upcoming Elephone Trunk phone. The Trunk normally retails at $119.99, but with guaranteed order of 300,000 phones that cost can be reduced to only $89.99 for the end user. To further entice you to take part, Elephone are also offering free Elephone Trunk phones to lucky people.

As the count stands, Elephone have 1387 users taking part in the even which has only cut the retail price by just a fraction. Do you think it is going to be possible for Elephone to meet their goal of an $89.99 Elephone Trunk phone?

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