All selling points about JACKLEO Alpha JL511

All selling points about JACKLEO Alpha JL511!

1. Regarding the beauty of JACKLEO Alpha JL511
Metal frame has always been the most favored appearance design for mobile phone designers. JACKLEO Alpha appearance design team researched all mobile phones with metal frame design on the market and among these phones, they found some are very heavy. It’s a problem that JACKLEO design team need to solve. At last, they adopted magnalium alloy material for JACKLEO Alpha JL511, with more than 200 grinding processes and CNC carving, making Alpha mobile phone border is not just a simple frame but with steel plate in the middle of the whole mobile phone components, just like the rebar inside the concrete, extremely hard. Because of friction, when you hold the polished metal plate, it make you feel the mobile phone will fall to the ground at any time; therefore, JACKLEO Alpha appearance design team made the two sides of magnalium alloy plate as straight football-shaped design which offer the best grip and upscale.

2. Regarding the 2.5D Glass of JACKLEO Alpha JL51
Let’s learn some varieties of mobile phone popularity tempered glass, 2D tempered glass sides are all right angle, 2.5D tempered glass is camber surface design in one side, 3D tempered glass are two- sides camber surface design. Why does JACKLEO Alpha JL511 adopts 2.5D tempered glass instead of 3D tempered glass? Because human eyes resolution to light ray and refraction of human eyes, adopting 2.5D tempered glass design can reach optimal visual experience. Magnesium alloy plate edge cutting with super bright knife light trimming with 2.5 D tempered glass design, you can use flawless to describe JACKLEO Alpha JL511 full-face beauty. No matter you hold the Alpha with your perceptual left hand or your emotional right hand, both can achieve the best viewing angle. Designers think if JACKLEO Alpha JL511 phones uses 2.5 D tempered glass in front of the mobile phone design, the back of the phone must also use 2.5 D tempered glass to achieve perfect result with the magnesium alloy steel knife light trimming, which can use a Chinese old saying to describe: "be smooth on the surface,but firm at heart"!

3. Regarding the CPU
The CPU is the heart of the mobile phone like the locomotive. What’s the difference between 32bit and 64bit CPU?
JACKLEO Alpha JL511 adopted 64 - bit MT6735 main chip design, the difference between 32 bit and 64 bit CPU like driving in the highway, the difference of 32 lanes and 64 lanes, using 64 - bit CPU lets programs to run more smoothly. Alpha JL511 is equipped with 28nM treatment process. What does 28nM mean? It’s in the design of wafer, the thickness of the carving blade, blade the thinner the fine craftsmanship, using the lower power consumption. ACKLEO Alpha JL511 CPU use Mali - 720 which increases image processing ability by 2 times, letting the game lovers enjoy more smooth experience in different style game at the same time.

4. Regarding battery
JACKLEO Alpha JL511 adopts polymer lithium ion battery, leading to increased standby time. The safety of mobile phone battery has always been the biggest concern for all customers, JACLEO Alpha JL511 battery cells use the most advanced pressing technology, making polymer lithium ion battery to achieve maximum capacity in the smallest space. The cable between battery cell and protection board uses high grade cable of Japan Sumitomo brand which is considered as the best conduction material. The protection board integrated circuit of polymer lithium-ion battery adopts voltage stabilizing IC semiconductor DW01 to protect the IC, external MOS transistor, MOS transistor opens fast switching speed making Alpha JL511 polymer lithium ion battery in the best condition of discharge rate and charging input , and ensuring the batteries safety.

5. Regarding the memory: 1GM RAM and special 24GB ROM
JACKLEO Alpha JL511 is equipped with 1GB RAM memory, distinctly improving the fluency when you open more programs, meanwhile, JACKLEO Alpha JL511 is equipped with 24GB ROM memory, there is no need for photos lover and those who love to save large files to worried about the memory. We can specially customize for you if you need 136GB memory, you just need to contact us through your purchase channel and we spare no efforts to serve you.

6. Regarding the camera
Imaging technology has been the topic with high focus in mobile phone research and design. JACKLEO Alpha JL511 back camera use 13M camera sensors, FPC link uses multilayer circuit board design, guaranteeing the transmission speed of data and image as well as the ability of restoring real object. Since the elaborate design of JACKLEO image electronic engineer, if using third party software to test JACKLEO Alpha JL511, actual test camera value is 16 m camera, the actual testing result is 16M, JACKLEO is more willing to tell consumers the real situation of our  materials. Alpha front-facing camera is 5M, let selfie you become selfie madman.

7. Regarding the network mode
Supporting network mode :
LTE: FDD 1800/2100/2600MHz
JACKLEO Alpha JL511 implemented LTE TDD and LTE FDD supporting together, 3G frequency band supports WCDMA and TD-SCDMA. The late JACKLEO smart phone will also support Wimax network system, so stay tuned!

8. Regarding the heart rate test sensor
The number of pulse beat can test our heart ability. JACKLEO Alpha JL511 adopt the smallest volume of the heart rate test sensor, JACKLEO product appearance designers put it near the camera flash light, and there is the red light flashing to proof its work status which in order to   make the accuracy of the sensor to achieve the best state when working. After repeated experiments and tests of electronic physics engineers, JACKLEO Alpha JL511 heart rate test sensor plate use ultra-thin light lens for protection so that JACKLEO Alpha JL511 heart rate test sensor can achieve the best working state.When we want to know our pulse rate, we can let a finger gently press the heart rate test sensor, JACKLEO Alpha JL511 will tell us the state of our heart rate.

9. Regarding ten-hole bottom loudspeaker
It’s generally known that the main components of moving-coil loudspeaker are magnets, vibrating diaphragm and voice coil. The loudspeaker design of JACKLEO Alpha JL511 is the most annoying problem for audio design engineers, in order to achieve high-fidelity sound quality and not sacrifice the appearance at the same time, our audio design engineers provided not less than 200 sets of audio solutions, and finally adopted ten-hole bottom loudspeaker. It’s 8 ohm high-power loudspeaker in JL511, the timbre of loudspeaker depends on vibrating diaphragm’s flexibility and tension, the sound quality is divided into treble, alto and bass, and in fact no mobile phone can achieve all three sound departments synchronous collaboration. JACKLEO Alpha JL511 loudspeaker adopts high temperature resistant polymer materials, raising the speaker to achieve the ultimate state when lift up and down at work and without distortion. The coil adopts high-strength material, the coil temperature will rise naturally in the case of 8 ohm impedance work, high-strength coil can ensure the consistency under high speed vibration. At the beginning,  the design of loudspeaker magnet is to not affect other components location of the mobile phone, JACKLEO Alpha JL511 designers need to ensure the smallest volume and the strongest magnetic field, so they chose black magnets.

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