EasyAcc 3th Anniversary Big Promotion


At the time of Amazon 20th anniversary celebration, we all also come to embrace the celeration for EasyAcc 3rd anniversary. Just as various promotions will be on line during Amazon 20th celebration period, we also pick out some hottest items of every product line set in lowest price, up to 50% off, to thank all your support and trust on EasyAcc all the time. Surely, giveaways, lightning sale at £/$/€ 7.16 and ultimate prize of an iPhone 7(6s) will be offered. That's the chance of great savings you couldn't miss. This summer promotion is not only for Amazon 20th promotion, BUT for EasyAcc 3rd Anniversary.Details for EasyAcc 3rd Anniversary Promotion:
1. Offers valid on purchases during the dates from 7.13 to 7.19
2. All available offers are the hottest items at the best price
3. Limited number of giveaways and flash sales available only in 7.16
4. Free shipping is available for Prime members (free trial) or on orders of $35+/£20+/€29+;

Rules for Promotion in 16, July

1. One chance available for every giveaway and flash sale per person;
2. 10 entries available for every giveaway and flash sale--- first come, first served;
3. Once lucky enough to win the flash sale, please contact our customer service (support@easyacc.com) with the code.

Rules for Giveaway on EasyAcc Official Facebook

1. Following our Official Facebook;
2. Every 100 shares, 10 free hot products will be randomly sent out.

Rules for Giveaway an iPhone 7(6s)

1. Taking a picture of an EasyAcc product;
2. Sending an email to wendyczw@easya.cc, including your name, shipping address, the picture and its short description till 31st, August;
3. 10 creative pictures (>100 participants) will be selected out by EasyAcc's Design Team
4. Open voting for the last winner from 31st, August to 30, September
5. Announcement and prize delivery
6. All participants will get a 20% off code, available to all EasyAcc products
7. The 10 finalists will get any EasyAcc product free of charge
8. The last winner will get a free iPhone 7(6s)

More details here
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