New 1.1.1 firmware for Ugoos UT2, UM2, UT1 TV Boxes

We are pleased to announce the release of the new firmware based on Android 4.4.2 for our devices based on RK3188 SOCs . In this firmware version fixes some serious bugs and adds some small but useful features.

Download Android 4.4.2 version 1.1.1 for Ugoos UT2 from here, here or here.
Download Android 4.4.2 version 1.1.1 for Ugoos UM2 from here, here or here.
Download Android 4.4.2 version 1.1.1 for Ugoos UT1 from here, here or here.
Download previous version 1.1.0 from here.

- UT2_1.1.1_20150505.img
- UM2_1.1.1_20150505.img
- UT1_1.1.1_20150505.img

Build numbers: 
- UT2-eng 4.4.2 KOT49H eng.ugoos.20150504.181420 test-keys
- UM2-eng 4.4.2 KOT49H eng.ugoos.20150504.175603 test-keys
- UT1-eng 4.4.2 KOT49H eng.ugoos.20150504.154335 test-keys

1. Changed the values of the buttons on the  ir remote controls.         
2. Added information of system load in Android status bar         
3. Added Support of fireasy app. App for remote control by phone/tablet          
4. Updated Kodi player to version 14.2         
5. Added the ability to install root by the settings menu.            
6. Added the ability change the preferred installation location for new apps.         
7. Changed second launcher.         
8. Added power menu         
9. Size of partition Internal storage  was incremented to 2 GB.                  

1. Fixed bug with ethernet on UT1 based on rk3188-T

How to flash packed firmware
1. Download firmware and unzip it use 7z, winrar, winzip. Inside: BatchTool - tool for reflashing, DriverAssitant - tool to install drivers and firmware image file.
2. If it first time, you need to install drivers use DriverAssitant or manual when connectiong device
3. Run BatchTool and open firmware image from folder
4. Find recovery button on device, press and hold it.
5. Connect device to PC via USB OTG port and power on device.
6. PC will found new device and install drivers (or you need install it manually), then you may release recovery button.
7. Press Restore button in BatchTool and wait end of process.

More detail information
In menu of settings was added tab "Ugoos setting". In this tab you can enable or disable the display the information of system load in Android status bar.
Also in this tab you can change the preferred installation location for new apps and get access to the root on your device. 
Please will be careful when  you using root access. Careless actions can lead to partial or complete failure of the device. 

It was added support of firease app. This app is intended for remote control your TV-box from phone or tablet pc. For installing client apk your need open on your mobile phone or tablet-pc manually  or scan QR-code from the settings menu. Client apk availible for Android and iOS.     



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