LeTV Phone has the industry's most advanced beauty camera functions

Letv phone release three flagship products, Letv super phone want to redefine the ecological model of phone, EUI redefine the mobile Internet portal, do not say Letv pioneering pricing model, the hardware for free, traffic free, etc., such as single from Letv super phone autodyne function of single point of innovation.

Letv One Pro using OV4688 of 400W pixel camera with F2.0 large aperture and large 2.0um pixels, the greater the amount of light, oversized let 2.0um pixel quality is more delicate. In addition, it is equipped with a back-illuminated BSI sensor, with 81-degree super wide-angle lens, the lens 5 group, the self-effect is amazing. 

Letv Max phone has the industry's most advanced beauty algorithms. Support Skin, thin face, big eyes and other features on the function, you can adjust according to personal preferences, creating the effect of a near-perfect self-timer. And Letv super phone also done in real-time beauty, real-time preview, WYSIWYG, which requires a powerful processor computing power can be achieved, not those of low-end mobile phone can do. 

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