The Doogee DG750 Iron-Bone smartphone arrives into the market

It is universally accepted by all, that a metal frame signifies quality in a phones, it is not only that a metal polished frame looks nicer, but it is also an standard when it comes to screen protection. Even though, many buyer are already a bit weary of the many metal frame mobiles available on the market.

So what does the DOOGEE Iron Bone DG750 has that tells it apart from the other metal frame phones? The DG750 uses the same CNC nano-metre injection moulding than the Xiaomi 4, cut out of a metal piece and latter processed with several techniques. The central part of the is frosted metal in order to improve the hand felling of the phone and making it less likely to slide. On the exterior design aspect of the phone, the metal frame combined with the leather back gives the phone a nice design that catches people’s looks. 

In order to make the DG750 one hand use, the DG750’S power button and volume control are both placed on the same side. Ideal for use with just the thumb. The volume control has been design with comfort in mind. In the era of big screens’ phones, customers pay a lot of attention to both screen’s size and how much it occupies in the front of the phone, the DG750 boast a 4.7 inch screen, not small at all, comes also with ultra narrow 2.6 mm bezels and a 72% of surface of the front in total. Also for the design benefit we made top and button symmetric. In order to increase your screens protection the DG750 bezel comes rises 0.1mm over the screen protecting it, as in case of falling the screen will not be the first thing to touch the floor. 

To improve user’s experience, the DG750 comes with a smart case that automatically locks up the screen and enter wait mode when closed, we even especially designed a watch for this case, in adition to all that, it show both incoming calls and notification. The DG750 comes with a MTK6592 octacore processor, enough to move your games fluently. The standard Doogee BAK battery cell with a ultra effective power mode. Extend your battery life like never before.

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