Download latest firmware for Ugoos UT3 TV Box

Dualboot (Android 4.4.2 – Ubuntu 14.10) - download
Ubuntu 14.10 only - download
Android 4.4.2 only - download
login and password for Ubuntu: ugoos 

Download previous firmware version from here.

1. The reduced number of packages installed by default, as a result, the size of the system decreased by ~300 MB
2. AbiWord and Gnumeric will be changed on LibreOffice.
3. Web-browser was changed on Chromium with PepperFlash plugin, and now you can see flash content on web-pages.
4. Fixed bug with broking Bluetooth in Android.
5. Fixed bug with HDMI IN in Android on UT-3.
6. Changed application for screen scaling in linux.
7. Hidden Android system partitions from Ubuntu.
8. Fixed bug with error message in the gMusicbrowser when song switch on the next. 
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