Download Finless 2.0 Custom ROM for Minix X8/X8-H TV Boxes

Download Finless 2.0 Custom ROM for Minix X8/X8-H TV Boxes from here or here. BTW, you can download official 002 firmware for Minix Neo X8 / Neo X8-H TV Boxes from here.

Archive name: minix_neox8_finless20rom
Archive file size: 441 MB
Support: Amlogic S802 / Amlogic S802-H
Build number: k200-user 4.4.2 KOT49H 20141128 release-keys

Features of my Finless ROM 2.0
1) This erases NAND /data so YES you lose all data! Sorry I must do this for clean up! After much testing and making the changes I have, I must erase as the crap left over is not good to have! To make sure you have the best experience with my ROM, it must be erased. So sorry BACK UP your stuff please...
2) It roots the ROM properly. Let me tell you Rooting on Kitkat in the ROM itself gets harder all the time to do it correctly and not using scripts! Once again due to changes with SuperUser and SU with SELinux, it was more difficult to root the ROM so it did not need to update the SU binary on firt boot! Enjoy...
3) It debloats the ROM of all those pre-installed APPS. This includes Airplay and Minix XBMC! The reason I removed them is because Minix XBMC may still have bugs and some don't use airplay at all. I have given you those two APPs in a folder called Removed_Apps in this Zip so you can install them yourself if you like. The other APPs I removed you can get from Google Play. They will be updated versions anyway. Minix in my opinion should not be pre-installing old versions of APPs. It just makes a mess of a new flashed system.
4) I removed useless system apps.
5) I updated what APPs are left including Google Play and all the Google framework. As of this release, everything is updated so when you logon to Google Play nothing needs updating.
6) Installs a cleaned up the AOSP launcher and puts more useful things in the doc bar.
7) I give you a TWRP recovery! Yes this flashes a TWRP recovery to NAND. However, understand how recovery works. If you put a recovery.img on External SDcard the box will boot that recovery instead of TWRP in NAND. In this package I give you a stock recovery flasher. This ZIP will install the stock recovery to NAND if you don't want TWRP. Or you can open this zip and you will  see recovery.img. Just copy that out and put it on SDcard anytime you want to use the stock recovery instead of TWRP. See the README in the recovery folder for more details.
8) I set the default settings to allow non-market APPs. Now when you go to install a APK you wont be forced to go into settings and turn that on. I personally hate that
9) I unlocked the hard coded device ID in boot.img. You can now spoof different devices editing build.prop. REMEMBER THOUGH, if you spoof something other than a NEO-X8 or NEO-X8-H, Minix XBMC will not work. In the ROM I left the device as a NEO-X8-H but I also give you which you can use if you like. Just use EX File Explorer, turn on root, set system as mounted RW and rename these as you please. But see below for an easy way
10) I give you build.prop spoofer ZIP updates in this download! One will switch build.prop to emulate a Nexus 10. The other one will switch you back to a NEO-X8-H. You can use these back and forth and they do not erase anything! Please note: You may want to clear the cache and data on the Google Play Store, Google Play Services after switching! To do this, go into settings/apps scroll over to ALL and click on each and clear cache and data. You know you did it right if the next time you run Google Play it asks you to accept terms.
11) Minix unlocked the low CPU frequency scaling and the governor type.
Thus my old CPU Fix patches are no longer needed as you can now use CPU control APPs. However I did find something that could be better tweaked for CPU control and that is default and max CPU scaling. So I supply you with one CPU patcher to fix those and allow them to "stick" when set. See the README in that folder for what it is and does and how to use them!
12) Did a little "theming" this time. Hope you like it. Also Themed the Metro launcher
13) Other tweaks and mods I do for my ROMs.
14) Updated the boot logo to show if your booting up in 1080 or 720.

All credits go to Finless Bob.
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