Landvo L550, the smartphone for Business

Landvo L550 is a true masculine powerhouse Octa-core phone for businessman that recommended by Chinese Android phone specialist. The designed of Landvo L550 is less feminine and more macho than its previous brothers L200G, as it has straighter and squarer corners. The phone has black and white two choices, both of the options have the same back case texture,matte and soft, two deep color on up and down, which is so called modern and temperament.

Landvo L550 features a qHD resolution screen of IPS technology, but fortunately it is powered by MT6592M, even it is the underclocking version , 1.4GHz is sufficient for most daily Apps and games. Plus, even if the resolution is not very high, but the display effect is quite nice - good color reproduction and detail process. 

Landvo L550 configures the 2MP front camera and 8MP back camera, the back camera adopts the SONY IMX219 CMOS sensor, F2.4 large aperture, which can satisfy the high performance and sensitivity, nearly the same quality as a professional camera. Also, the power consumption is much lower than other MT6592 phones, the 1,800mAh battery can last for 2 days of usage under battery saving mode. In the past several products of Landvo, many of them supports WCDMA/9002100MHz frequency, so does this L550. 

L550 supports the European 3G network 900MHz and 2100MHz, the only downsideis it is not compatible with 4G LTE. Moreover, the phone can be extended up to 64GB storage by microSD Card - if you are not satisfied with the 8GB ROM. You know, there is seldom phones of MT6592 that support 64GB TF Card extended.
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