Elephone P3000 OTA update and rear panel control

As it was mentioned before, Elephone is going to offer OTA update for its devices from now on. That makes P3000 has two more features that we didn't annouce before. The first one is OTA update, and the second one is rear panel control.

P3000 is the first Elephone device that has OTA update, it's pre-installed in the stock ROM. Besides, we are concerned about our old customers who don't have OTA update in their phones. At the present, we're working on P2000. It'll be available in a couple weeks.

Another amazing thing is that we added a new function to the Fingerprint scanner. Swipe your finger up and down to browse the webpage, move your finger left to right to turn the pages and switch pictures. Thanks to our fans' suggestions, they came up with the idea of using fingerprint scanner to control. That's a creative and convenient feature, even there are no physical buttons on the back like LG G3, it's capabale of the same function without buttons.

Elephone love to interact with customers and fans. We're paying attention to your thoughts and suggestions. Right now, we're testing P3000. The smartphone looks very elegant and beautiful, and it's the best 4G smartphone under $200.  

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