Elephone explains us about Blue Light Tempered Glass

Humanistic care is one of the core conceptions in smartphone design. And it's our principle while designing products. Majority of the smartphone users don't know the fact of harmness that smartphone display does. The high frequency blue light waves in the range from 380um to 420um harms eyes and deepen myopic degree. The outdoor reflection of ultraviolet rays causes dry skin, splash, chloasma. To protect your eyes and skin, this blue light tempered film came into being. 

The film prevents myopic. It filters out 100% of high frequency blue light in range from 380um to 410um and 60% of blue light in the range from 420um to 450um. So it filters out all high frequency blue light and avoids the penetration of blue light. 

The film also protects your skin. Durning the experiments, we found that the energy of blue light of 410um wavelength is equivalent to 1/3 of 380um energy. That means using smartphone for three hours is same as basking in the sun for one hour, that's the reason why you feel eye pain and dry skin. 

Furthermore, the hardness of the film reaches Mohs 9H and it's same as saphire's hardness. In short, diamond is the only thing that's able to make a scratch on it. Nano-coating on the film is water proof and anti-fingerprint. 

 We hope that our customers have healthy eyes, espectially kids and youth.
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