Elephone decided the specifications of P5000 smartphone

When we decided to design P5000, we thought it would be great to determine the product with help of our fans. And the final specifications are decided regarding to the polls in our forum and cost containment. The competitive product shall has not only good specifications but also favorable price.

Two versions of P5000 will be available, 3G version and 4G version, since there're still many countries only has 3G network available. It's good idea to make 3G version available first. The phone runs MTK 6592 Octa core SoC and 2GB of RAM, it's capable of majority of tasks. The 4G version packs MTK6752 Octa core SoC and 2GB of RAM as well. Both of them have IPS FHD screen with OGS technology. AMOLED screens will increase the price of the phone, so we don't want to use it on P5000.

The approximate lanuching time for 3G is January of 2015, 4G version is going to be launched in March of 2015.
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