Advanced internal storage technology on the future Elephone devices

Phone storage partition has been an issue ever since the 16GB ROM came out. Some customers asked us how to repartition the storage, because there is just about 2GB left for APPs, rest of the space is used for storing picture and videos etc. Even though there are softwares you can use for repartition, it was complicated for general smartphone users.

Good news is that we found a solution to the problem.  We've developed
a system that can allocate two parts of the phone storage freely, that means there's no appointed space for each purpose specifically. This advantage allows users to make the most of the phone storage. For instance, if the smartphone has 16GB phone storage and you'd like playing APPs, there 16GB for you to store them. On the other hand, if you'd like pictures, videos and musics, you may just use the entire storage.

This system will be applied on P2000, P3000, P3000s and P6000. The ROM is going to be available soon.
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