Axgio Releases Ultra-thin Li-Polymer Power Bank PowerStream L38

Mobile phone maker Axgio lately launched a li-polymer power bank named PowerStream L38 with a capacity of 3800mAh at Amazon, a product aimed at businessmen.

The 3800mAh is expected to charge an average mobile phone 2 times or a tablet PC like iPad once, ensuring that a user’s communications device is powered up when never it is needed. Measuring 3.94 inches tall by 2.32 inches wide by 0.43 inches thick, the PowerStream L38 is almost as big as an iPhone 4s so as to fit perfectly into a pocket.

The issue of safety is always the first concern as for anything close to human body. “That’s why we choose li-polymer battery as the core of the mobile bank. You never worry that it will ever flow out like a lithium ion battery”, said Damon Wang, techniques director of the company.

“In fact, the PowerStream L38 is designed for businessmen who often use mobile devices to communicate with partners, check emails, browse commercial information, and so on. Therefore it appears in graceful black and its indicator lights are arranged in a very concise shape”, Mr. Wang added.

Now the PowerStream L38 is sold on Amazon for USD17.99, where you can get Axgio-branded Mobile phones, chargers and other power banks, too.

Official site
You can buy now this useful device for only $18.59 from or from Amazon

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