Axgio Launches 6-Port USB Charger

Mobile phone maker Axgio lately released at Amazon & a charger named PowerSlot L6U with 6 USB ports which can work at the same time, a product developed for people with many mobile USB devices. 

“That means you can charge 6 mobile devices simultaneously. Tablet PC, mobile phone, iPod, USB speaker, another mobile phone, and an iPad, all at the same time,” said Damon Wang, techniques director of Axgio. 

Of the 6 six USB ports, U1 and U2 share a total output current value of 2.4A; so do U3 and U4; and U5 and U6 has an independent current of 1A respectively. “If only one of the U1 and U2 ports is in use and charges a full-size iPad, the output current reaches 2.2A. And if another mobile device occupies the U2 port right now, the total output current can be 2.8A at most. That means PowerSlot L6U is capable of handling most mobile products available on the market”, Damon added. 

Presently, more and more electronic products employ USB as charging port while most sockets still have only AC ports, therefore a consumer or a family often needs a great number of AC-USB adapters. “And power stream L6U is developed to deal with this inconsistency, and our security technology makes sure you can use it with absolute safety”, Damon stresses. 

In addition, Axgio also offers USB charging stations with 4 and 5 USB ports at 

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